Guido Marcucci

Dr. Guido Marcucci currently serves as the primary professor of internal medicine and molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics, and pharmaceutics in the division of hematology at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus. He has worked in this capacity since 2009. Beyond this role with Ohio State University, Dr. Guido Marcucci sits on a number of boards and works with various organizations related to the school, including as Charles Austin Doan Chair of Medicine for the College of Medicine and as a cadre member and chairman of the leukemia correlative science committee for Alliance.

Dr. Marcucci also holds a number additional of positions with the Comprehensive Cancer Center outside of internal medicine. He works as an associate director for translational research in the department and as director of the leukemia tissue bank. He began with the Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1997 on a fellowship with the hematology and oncology divisions.

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